Safety Policy

2013 Health, Safety, Security and Environment Plan (HSSE)

1. HSSE Mission Statement

The purpose and goal of the health and safety plan is to provide a positive working environment and an injury-free workplace for all employees, subcontractors and clients.

2Health Policy

A. We will strive to protect employees and subcontractors from activities or circumstances which could result in long-term, chronic harm.

3Safety Policy

A. Proper safety equipment will be utilized at all times. Job-specific safety equipment will always be available and always used when required.

B. A ‘Stop-Work’ policy, wherein all work is stopped (even if briefly) if any new or unexpected or previously unobserved hazard is encountered, will be used at all times.

C. All employees and subcontractors have the responsibility to constantly reassess the job-site for new hazards and communicate them to all others present on the job-site as soon as possible.

D. Specific hazards will require the use of special protection measures by all employees and subcontractors.

E. Environmental hazards including weather, wildlife, terrain hazards and dangerous trees encountered by personnel will need to be communicated and addressed or mitigated.

1. Weather conditions

2. Wildlife

3. Terrain

4. Trees/Poisonous Vegetation

F. A medical kit will be available on all job-sites . All personnel will know the basic procedures for accessing it and treating basic injuries with it.

G. Emergency Action Plan

H. A Fire Extinguisher will be present and readily accessible on all jobs utilizing gas-powered equipment.

I. Vehicles will be parked in a safe manner, in such a way as to minimize the obstruction of nearby vehicle traffic without endangering personnel, passersby or clients.

JSmoking will not be tolerated on job-sites.

K. Equipment must always be inspected before use. Unsafe equipment must be marked until repaired to prevent unintentional use which could result in injury or property damage

4Security Policy

5. Environmental Protection Policy

A. We will employ practical measures to protect the environment. We will strive to eliminate any releases of chemicals to land, air or water that may harm human health or the environment.

B. We will strive to protect wildlife when possible. Bird nests and, animal burrows or dens will be protected when possible